Marcel AusloosDr. Marcel Ausloos was a ‘’Chargé de Cours’’ in Applied Statistical Physics and Materials  in the Sciences Faculty of the University of Liège, Belgium. He was the director of the Interfaculty Center of Excellence SUPRATECS. He also launched a group  (GRAPES) for applying  statistical physics concepts in sociology and economy. He has published less than 600 publications in condensed matter physics journals or books, edited 10 books, following the organisation of workshops or conferences. His present research interests are in modeling and simulation of economic activities and competition in heterogeneous space and time,  networks, agent based models,  dynamical non-linear systems,  time series analysis, thus, statistical mechanics approaches to economics and sociological questions;

In 1967, he graduated as an Eng. Phys. from the Univ. Liège, Liège, Belgium,  got a M. Sc., in Physics, at Brown Univ., Providence, RI, USA in 1970, and a PhD,  in Physics, from Temple Univ., Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1973. In 1975, he joined the ULG Physics Institute for work on condensed matter, doing interdisciplinary research, theory, experiment, and simulations .in various fields of condensed matter: disordered systems, powders, surfaces, transport properties, magnetism, superconductivity,  all with fundamental and application ingredients.

He got a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the Université de Houte-si-Plout in 2003, and medals from the University of Wroclaw and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He has organized several international meetings and be on the scientific committees of many others. He has directed 10 Ph. D. theses (5 from non-belgian students). He was a member of the board of editions of several scientific journals and active on the board of several scientific societies.  He is an expert for European programs., and has appeared several times  on Belgian TV and radio to describe his work or comment on others.